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丘椅 Joe chair



2022米兰国际家具展salone satellite板块以Design for our furture selves为主题,征集了全球48个国家600多名35岁以下青年设计师的作品并展出了其中的135件。本次salone satellite展览中,中国设计师作品共有6件,其中由秋华工作室与candy collection品牌参展的产品名为“丘椅”。                                                                                        -------ELLE 家居廊



设计以外,设计师们面临的方方面面的挑战真的很多,机会总是奖励有准备的人。                                                                                                                   -------资深媒体人 王旭

2022年年度十佳座椅                                                                                    -------金汐奖


                                                                                              -------今日家居主编 高单单


The great feature of the Qiu chair is the diversity of materials, which can be used in various scenarios. When interior designers choose chairs,
The decision-making process can be greatly simplified. Different environments require different materials to be matched, but one chair is rich and comprehensive.
Covering most of the scene with one shape is minimalism.

The Qiu chair can stack four seats at the same time. Its excellent storage performance allows for flexible placement in many scenes. In the plastic version, the seat cushion has circular ventilation holes to ensure that users will not get stuffy due to sitting for long periods of time. .

The salone sa tellite section of the 2022 Milan International Furniture Fair, with the theme of Design for our furtur e selves, collected the works of more than 600 young designers under the age of 35 from 48 countries around the world and exhibited 135 of them. In this salone sa tellite exhibition, there are a total of 6 works by Chinese designers. Among them, the product exhibited by Qiuhua Studio and candy collection brand is called "Qiu Chair".                                                                                      ------- ELLE Home Gallery

The shape of the Qiu chair is very round, with the grandeur and tolerance of traditional Chinese furniture.

The transformation of various colors and materials reveals a sense of modernity. The designer's careful consideration of product functions, application scenarios, and user groups reflects his mature and thoughtful design thinking.
Among the many difficulties of participating in exhibitions during the epidemic, it is indeed a "regret" to be unable to attend, but looking back, you can study more carefully the exhibition skills of previous "satellite exhibitions" to better grasp this opportunity.

Apart from design, designers face many challenges in all aspects, and opportunities always reward those who are prepared.                                                                                                        ------ Senior media person Wang Xu

Top Ten Seats of 2022                                                                                                                                     ------ Jinxi Award                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The design of Qiu Chair is very simple and restrained, but it is very thoughtful. Its biggest feature may be its rich possibilities of materials and its versatility in space. It is a relatively mature work in terms of design and business.                                                                                                                               ------ Furniture today GaoDandan

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