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Ku chair

Ku chair受到顾家家居邀请,为顾家设计一款产品。设计选择了小巧的形式去解决休闲椅占地面积的问题。在中国,人均住房面积都非常小,无论客厅或卧室,休闲椅的尺寸都不宜过大。Ku chair在保证舒适性的前提下,做到了最小尺寸。同时为了在包装运输时进一步减少体积,做了折叠功能。

​Ku chair was invited by Kuka Home to design a product for Gujia. The design chose a compact form to solve the problem of the leisure chair taking up space. In China, the per capita housing area is very small. Regardless of the living room or bedroom, the size of the leisure chair should not be too large. Ku chair has achieved the smallest size while ensuring comfort. At the same time, in order to further reduce the volume during packaging and transportation, a folding function is implemented.

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