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迎几 Ying table










Ying table is a very light side table, which is thin and no sharp. It can be easily moved to a comfortable distance in combination with different usage conditions.

It is also difficult to challenge the mould technology in the manufacturing process. In addition, it is also necessary to meet the usage habits of contemporary people and solve problems in daily life with the simplest product features and application methods of "light".

This is a lightweight side table which is made of carbonfiber. It weighs only 1.5kg but has a bearing capacity of 50kg.The purposeisthatuserscan move easily to any position in life.

By according to their own use, the table can be easily moved to a comfortable range, while using a slightly tilted shape to make users feel close, that is the unique attribute of the product.

Carbon fiber reinforced fabric is a unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced product, usually, With the continuous development of carbon fiber cloth industry, more and more industries And enterprises used carbon fiber cloth.

Inspired by the habits of daily life, this table combines the characteristics of sculpture and materials to try to provide an extra convenient solution.

To investigate the use of side table condition often can be mobile, portable and easy to put, tactility friendly is the major requirements to many requirements. It is trying to satisfy these needs in everyday life.

Therefore, Ying table has won many awards including the Red Dot Award, Adesign, and Successful Design Award.And it is in the permanent collection of the Italian Mood Museum, the Red Dot Museum in Chengdu and was rated as adesign's top 20 designs by the internationally renowned design media Ignant

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