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太湖桌 Tailake table







在产品表面处理上,设计师从一个关于湖水的谚语中获得灵感,“still water runs deep”静水流深。以此为寓意,将材料进一步做切割后减轻重量。使整个产品的重量仅为传统大理石桌的十分之一。可丽耐出色的手感与纹路,将产品最终做了最为贴切的表达。设计师以水为灵感,取名“太湖桌”。


DuPont Corian is an artificial stone developed in the 1960s. With the continuous improvement of processing capabilities, Corian artificial stone has many excellent applications. Corian Company approached Jiang Qiuhua, hoping to better use artificial stone in regular scenes in addition to bathrooms and kitchens, and help them expand more categories.

Due to its special composition, Corian is antibacterial, non-permeable, easy to clean, seamless, environmentally friendly, thermally bendable, etc. Designers have amplified the characteristics of standard marble one by one to achieve effects that cannot be achieved with marble. .

How to realize product characteristics while taking advantage of Corian materials?
Tables are a category that is easily associated with kitchen countertops. Ruheng believes that marble tables have a very luxurious aesthetic and have their own unique charm. How Corian artificial stone challenges the design of a marble table is a question that needs to be answered. And the first answer to this solution is lightness.

​Traditional marble tables are usually relatively heavy, which is unavoidable both visually and in terms of actual weight. Marble is favored by major luxury brands because of its beautiful texture. As an alternative material to marble, Corian should have better performance. Because Corian can be spliced seamlessly and is impact-resistant and not easily broken, the designer left only 3mm thickness on the edge of the table, making the entire table extremely slim both visually and functionally. On the base, the table makes full use of the curlable feature of Corian, using the base as a hollow column to support the tabletop.

How to make the product itself closer to the essence of life?

In terms of product surface treatment, the designer was inspired by a proverb about lake water, “still water runs deep”. Taking this as a metaphor, the material is further cut to reduce weight. The weight of the entire product is only one-tenth of that of a traditional marble table. Corian's excellent feel and texture make the final product the most appropriate expression. The designer named it "Taihu Table" inspired by water.

Taihu table won the "New Product of the Year" issued by the China Furniture Association in 2023. The product has received wide acclaim. Well-known designer Mr. Shen Baohong left this comment: "This table leaves a shadow for the light."

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