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Cyber sofa

Cyber sofa 受到特斯拉邀请,为特斯拉中国设计一款汽车周边精品,以响应特斯拉的cybertruck的上市计划。

cyber sofa是一款单人沙发,为特斯拉公司在公共接待区域量身定制的产品,沙发地盘配有自动回正功能,外观造型以特斯拉cybertruck为元素。全球限量99张。


Cyber sofa was invited by Tesla to design a high-quality car peripheral for Tesla China in response to Tesla's cybertruck launch plan.

The cyber sofa is a single-seat sofa that is customized for Tesla's public reception areas. The sofa base is equipped with an automatic return function, and its appearance is based on the Tesla cybertruck. Limited to 99 copies worldwide.

The shell is made of stainless steel.

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