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Vase bottle

Vase bottle 是为特斯拉设计的一款汽车玻璃水包装,有别于市面上的很多产品。我们设计的玻璃水瓶以可降解材料制作成花瓶的样式,目的是为了让用户在购买此玻璃水后不随意丢弃花瓶,能够继续使用此瓶,降低环境污染,实现可持续使用的理念的同时也提升了用户粘性。

Vase bottle is a car glass water packaging designed for Tesla, which is different from many products on the market. The glass water bottle we designed is made of degradable materials in the style of a vase. The purpose is to allow users to not throw away the vase after purchasing the glass water, but to continue to use the bottle, reduce environmental pollution, and realize the concept of sustainable use. Improved user stickiness.

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