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太湖 浴室柜    Tailake bathroom cabinet





Like Taihu Table, we were invited by DuPont Corian in the United States to design an artificial stone bathroom cabinet for Corian.

The bathroom cabinet and the mirror cabinet together form an overall solution in the bathroom. The mirror cabinet adopts a curved mirror design, which makes the mirror and the cabinet more integrated, and is more friendly to the treatment of the left and right walls. It is also the first in the market that is mainly made of boards. A differentiated language is formed in mainstream styling. The mirror cabinet has built-in smart lighting and is very comprehensive in terms of storage. The entire mirror cabinet can cover more than 98% of the storage needs on the market.

​The bathroom cabinets are all made of Corian material, and are uniformly covered from the basin to the drawers, giving full play to the antibacterial and easy-to-clean characteristics of Corian. Responding to the shape of the mirror cabinet, the shape and function of the bathroom cabinet are unified, and can store 98 items in daily life % functional demands and ultra-clear storage planning help users gain a better and tidy bathroom space experience in daily life.

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