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情书 桌面相框 Love Letter frame

情书 桌面相框是为lotus day设计的纪念礼品,响应路特斯汽车御风而行的赛道基因,特地选择了具有路特斯纪念意义的摩纳哥赛道。石膏底座搭配亚克力制成的海面与赛道,既是摆件,还能扩香。

​The Love Letter Desktop Photo Frame is a commemorative gift designed for Lotus Day. In response to the track gene of Lotus cars riding the wind, the Monaco circuit, which has a commemorative significance for Lotus, was specially chosen. The plaster base is paired with an acrylic sea surface and racing track, which is both an ornament and a diffuser.

特斯拉&路特斯 汽车周边项目2.jpg
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