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梜椅 Jia chair

这款折叠躺椅的设计用两块木头隐藏了主要折叠机构,从而在存放椅子时保持最小的美感。 皮革部分打有不同大小的三角形孔,在压力下从四个角逐渐向中心扩展,提供更多的透气性。 梜椅采用户外材料制成,可以承受所有天气条件。

椅子的折叠硬件采用非常简单的机械方法,易于制造,并且产品的铝合金材料使其重量轻。 采用的主要材料是绿柄桑木,适合户外使用。 当椅子折叠起来存放时,它变得相当紧凑,适合存放在车内进行户外旅行。



折叠椅2_Corona Camera014_0000.jpg
梜椅 米兰展.jpg

This folding lounge chair’s design conceals the main folding mechanism with two pieces of wood, resulting in a minimal aesthetic when the chair is stored.

Triangular holes of varying sizes are punched into the leather section, gradually expanding from the four corners under stress to the centre and providing more breathability. Made of outdoor materials, the Jia Chair can withstand all weather conditions.

The chair’s folding hardware uses a very simple mechanical method that is easy to manufacture and the product’s aluminium alloy material makes it lightweight.

The main material employed is Iroko wood, which is suitable for outdoor use. When the chair is folded and stored, it becomes quite compact and is appropriate for storage in a car for outdoor trips. The Chinese character “梜” (jia) means “chopsticks”, an idea that is reflected in the chair’s name.

The product won the 2023 Red Dot Design Award and was invited to participate in the Milan Furniture Fair.

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