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蚂蚁椅 Ant chair





The Ant Chair is a public space seat customized for the company at the invitation of the "Ant Group". Jacobson was In 1951, he designed a world-renowned ant chair for the canteen of a pharmaceutical company. Many years later, the task of customizing an "ant chair" for the Ant Group seemed very difficult.

Starting from the logo of Ant Group, the designer replaced the traditional two-dimensional curved panel technology of the 1950s with the new era of three-dimensional curved artificial panels. In order to make full use of the panels without causing waste, holes were specially cut in the backrest and made into feet. stool. The entire seat is influenced by Jacobson's Ant Chair, using a similar steel tube leg shape. The innovation is the use of new artificial board bending technology and clever use of CNC to cut the footrest, which echoes the Ant Group's logo design.

The product plan was unanimously recognized by the leaders of Ant Group and was widely deployed in the public reception space of Ant Group.

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