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51号边几烤漆版 绿.jpg
51号边几 No.51 table

51号边几,灵感来自密斯凡德罗的Farnsworth House,是致敬现代主义的一个产品。
它的结构之美,如同Farnsworth House用工字钢和玻璃一样。

#51 Side Table, inspired by Farnsworth house in Mies van der Rohe, is a product that pays tribute to modernism.The components of the coffee table are specially displayed in front of the user, and the user can vaguely feel the structure of the coffee table with acrylic and metal,Its structure is as beautiful as I-beam and glass used in Farnsworth house.
The product interacts with the user in the form of a gift box. When the user receives the gift box, he needs to carry out simple installation,On the one hand, it can let the user experience the structural beauty of the product, and also leave the manual memory.Because of the advantages of the structure, the tea table is divided into three parts, which can be made into flat packaging to save transportation and storage space.When using the assembled coffee table, the table top can be closer to the sofa, which is more in line with daily habits.

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